Women are Major Keys Sports

At a young age I chose to follow my passion for sports. I wanted to be the next Erin Andrews, the next Samantha Ponder. I wanted to wake up everyday and race to work on excitement.

However, the older I got the more discouraged I became seeing how few people were able to stand on the college Gameday stage.

Although my interests have changed, I still know my purpose lies in sports.

Recently I was able to listen to Jerod Ward, former NBA professional and current analyst, speak in front of a room of journalism students. Ward spoke on careers in sports and the drive and passion it takes to stand out in the field.

I’d like to say I had my epiphany moment listening to Ward speak. Although his words hit like a train, they were the exact train collision I needed.

Ward addressed adversity and choosing the positive because of the endless opportunities that lie within. He also stated how those opportunities are slim. You will never relive an exact moment twice, this being said, seize every situation. “Shake hands with a business card”- Ward.

Mostly importantly Ward spoke on the three c’s to success.

C- Closure, closing the open doors that cause you to hesitate in decision making. If you linger on those missed opportunities, jobs you didn’t get and bad days- you will be too fogged to job into the next page.

C- ReCommit, find your new passion. Redirect your path and commit to something new.

C- Confidence, something I lack. Confidence is easy to talk about but hard to grasp. However, once you have confidence in yourself, it will be contagious to your employees.

Jerod Ward was the KEY to what I needed in this lull. After listening to this powerful message, there is no doubt that even if the chances of working in sports are as slim as a Victoria Secret model, I am ready to squeeze.

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